Suddenly the motto we had taken so much pride in caused us to sink in our seats.

We tend to turn "the poor" in the objects of our charity. Producer Mark R. Weber shares his first awakening to this in Bangladesh.

Producer Mark R. Weber builds on his work with Strong Bodies Fight in his role as the co-producer of the new film Poverty, Inc. Here he shares his commitment to discomfort as a necessary function of growth at the Jubilee Professional conference in Pittsburgh, 2016. Poverty, Inc. is a critically acclaimed documentary that has earned over 50 international film festival honors and the $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award. It has been endorsed across the political spectrum, from Michael Moore to Russ Roberts, playing in over 100 universities including Harvard, MIT, NYU, Cornell, Stanford, Yale, and Northwestern. Learn more at www.povertyinc.orgfollow on Facebook, tweet at @PovertyINC #PovertyINC @markrweber. Video courtesy of and